Hello K-beauties!

The name Suebelle is formed from 'Sue' and 'Belle', our name  with my sister. 

How did we start Suebelle? 

Suebelle  was inspired with the passion in good skincare products and the holistic approach in Korean  skincare routine such as cleansing, exfoliating , moisturizing, and relaxing. 

Korean approach to skincare is focussed on their skin needs or concerns. They apply certain products layers by layers to achieve their glowy, glassy, and creamy skin goals. They call it chok chok skin .  (plump and moist)

Personally, Suebelle was also inspired from their passion and addiction on Kdrama :D. 

If you relate on Crash Landing on You. Visited the piano setting in  Lake Brienz Iseltwald Switzerland...,

welcome to the club :D:D

So this Korean beauty culture pricked our interest and there starts the search on Korean skincare, and voila! it's more interesting as you get into this Korean approach and immersing into their different brands and products . You are tempted to try it all.

It's really overwhelming when you go into skincare with all the good products,  the innovations and good Korean brands in the market, you will be at lost where to look first. 

Don't worry with this webshop, Suebelle will also give Tips and Guides on how to build up your skincare routine. 



 THE POWER OF 'ME-TIME' , how much time you have been giving yourself in your everyday   life? Let me guess , you're always busy.

Take a break and breathe everytime you  exfoliate and  moisturize.

THE POWER OF THE 'RIGHT PRODUCT '  many of us use one lotion to all of our body including the face. It gives you the moisturized feeling but does it do the right thing in your skin? Before you know it, you look older and stressed. Suebelle collects the right products so that you could find what you need for your right anti aging product in one place.

 WE CARE  , We are also an advocate of an environmental - friendly product. Our products are free of dangerous chemicals. We support companies or brands that continues to innovate products that contributes to the awareness of sustainable living. 


 Lake Brienz , Iseltwald Switzerland

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